2023 Immunization Schedule and CIR decision support notice about changes. View here.
Notice: Upcoming COVID-19 vaccine commercial market availability
  • In the fall, updated COVID-19 vaccines will be available in the commercial market. No-cost vaccines will be available for eligible children as part of the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program. Additionally, no-cost COVID-19 vaccines for under and uninsured adults will be available under certain circumstances as part of the Vaccines for Adults (VFA) program. If you need additional vaccine before the fall or if you have questions about VFC or VFA, email COVIDVax@health.nyc.gov for additional information.
COVID-19 Updates
CIR Notice to Employees: Note that use of the CIR to verify the vaccination status of employees is not authorized under New York State law nor the New York City Health Code. Employers with vaccination requirements must ask employees to provide documentation of vaccination.

New Yorkers may obtain their vaccination records from the CIR at My Vaccine Record or from their vaccination provider.

If you have questions, please email us at cir@health.nyc.gov or call 347-396-2400. We thank you for your cooperation.

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To obtain a User ID and Password, each health care facility or practice must designate a Facility Security Administrator. The Security Administrator must be associated with a licensed physician, physician's assistant or nurse practitioner, or must be a registered professional nurse or pharmacist who administers vaccines pursuant to NYS Public Health Law Section 2168. The Security Administrator must mail or fax a signed confidentiality statement to the CIR. Call us at 347-396-2400 for more information or download the sign up forms from here. .
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  • agrees to look up information only on his/her current patients, and to comply with the restrictions on the disclosure of information from the Online Registry in accordance with NYC Health Code Section 11.11.
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